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Hello, imagine having access to over a centuries worth of local newspapers, can you imagine the stories you'd find? The History Project love supporting our local community so if you fancy grabbing a cup of coffee and joining a weekly social club with a difference then you are more than welcome.  Please get in touch.  Our social club is called Mercury Moot, it started this week... so how did it go?

We're delighted to report that our first Mercury Moot session at the History Hub was a great success. We looked through a selection of years ranging from the 1960s through to the 1990s and found some great articles. What we all found was how the boundaries of acceptability and attitudes have changed over the years and also how much house prices in Deal have rocketed! Here are a small selection of the articles we found.....

Who would have thought it...1972 and Len Goodman is dancing at our very own Astor Theatre!


Who remembers working hard at Deal Clothing Company in Cannon Street?

Ghostly monk at Oxney Bottom!

It was predicted in 1962 that by 1972 we would all be wearing foil covered foam clothing!

Now whilst we have your attention! Maybe you know all about us, but in case you don't, then we are a charitable organisation based in Deal.  We use the topic of history to inspire, educate and entertain people of all ages, and we are on a quest to deliver free educational experiences to school children in the local area.  We can only achieve this though with your help, so if you have nephews or nieces in a local school, grandchildren or even kids yourself, then a monthly donation of the cost of a cup of coffee would really help us inspire them.  If you can afford £3 per month to support your local community then click here!

Finally though, how much did that 5-course meal actually cost back in 1972?

As always a huge thanks to all local businesses willing to reinvest in their community!