We love to delve into Deal's past, and our 'Mercury Moot' sessions are a great way of doing that.  We have over a centuries worth of old papers, so once a week on a Wednesday from 10.30am - 12.30pm we have a drop in session where you can come and grab a drink and join in the fun.  Everyone is welcome.  Lately we have been looking at old adverts, and one thing that has clearly changed over the years is how people sought out employment.  I imagine that years ago the British Government didn't invest as much in getting people out to work, so people had to use their initiative.  Often they would advertise in the local paper...

Reading that advert really shows how the world has changed, and how normal it was for teenagers to work.  Personally I'm a big believer in getting children out there working at a young age.  A Saturday job can do a teenager a world of good and teaches them the value of money.  I personally have quite horrendous memories of planting lettuces in the fields along the Deal-Sandwich Road, but those very long days did a fantastic job of teaching me what i wanted to do with my life, or didn't want to do with my life.  Did you work as a teenager locally? Where and is that work available now?

We also came across this interesting image, taken of course by the late, great Basil Kidd.  We all love the Paddling Pool up on Walmer Green and couldn't imagine life locally without it.  Anyone remember before it was built? We'd love to here from you in the comments section below.

Finally just a huge thanks to the amazing people who support the history project via a monthly donation of the price of a cup of coffee.  As a charitable organisation we run on little to no budget.  You literally help us inspire the next generation.  If you would be kind enough to help, then CLICK HERE!