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Today marks the day, June 14th back in 1982 when the Falklands War ended following Britain accepting Argentina's surrender. The conditional surrender was agreed in Port Stanley's Government House between Argentinian general Mario Melendez and SAS commander Michael Rose. It didn’t take long for the good news to reach Britain and a crowd to gather outside Downing Street to salute the triumphant Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. So why was it a conditional surrender and not an unconditional surrender? Because Mario Menendez insisted that Argentine officers be allowed to keep their pistols.

Interestingly the surrender document which is on display at the Imperial War Museum in London, was backdated by three hours. This was because it was actually June 15th in London by the time the document was signed, and they didn’t want to cause any confusion. The conflict that had lasted over two months was finally over. In total 255 British military personnel lost their lives. Argentina lost the greatest number of combat troops, over 640, and three Falkland Islanders were also killed. Let’s hope that Great Britain and Argentina never go to war again over those islands.

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