This hour-long experience is an important part of the origin story of Deal and is therefore relevant as a bolt-on to all of our experiences. In this experience, we cover how our coastline has changed since the Roman arrival in 55 BC, how geography has hugely affected our county's history, and how the Goodwin Sands and other local geographic features are responsible for Deal's existence.

It is a great way of tying up students' local knowledge and is a brilliant bolt-on to any of our experiences. The Goodwin Sands has affected culture and are mentioned in both Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice and Herman Melville’s novel ‘Moby Dick’.

Included in this package;

-The formation of the English Channel

-The origin of the Goodwin Sands

-The Down’s Anchorage, an off-shore harbor

-Tales of treasure – over 1000 ships have wrecked on the sands. We will even show your students maps of where the treasure is waiting to be found

-The Goodwin Sands and WWII

Our price - £100