Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting school experience (bolt-on mini or full experience)

Experience has taught us that children absolutely love these packages, and we are pleased to offer it as a short experience on Deal beach, which is a great add on if you’re enjoying another of our packages, or alternatively as a full day at your school. The purpose is to add an extra dimension to the children's learning process by enabling them to make history by discovering lost artefacts.

A Treasure Hunting Taster (or bolt this onto another experience on the beach)

This is an hour-long educational package that gives your students a taste of what it feels like to search for lost artefacts. The experience is delivered on Deal beach, and full equipment and training is provided.

The package includes:

  • An explanation of how metal detectors work, and examples of how they have helped us build a clearer picture of our past
  • Examples of amazing finds discovered in this area
  • Training on how to locate, dig and excavate your artefacts
  •  30 minutes of practical time working in teams of three locating finds

Our price - £150

(for full experience see below)

metal detecting in schools

The Full Treasure Hunting Experience (full-day experience see here: ​Metal Detecting Experience​)

This experience allows your students to enjoy the journey of searching, finding, extracting, cleaning, and researching actual artefacts in their school grounds. Prior to the experience, we will perform a pre-visit of your school grounds, and in the event that your school has recently undergone landscaping we can even bury finds that we will bring, however, most school grounds are fantastic and are a treasure-trove of artefacts.

ALL finds will remain at the school with the exception of any finds that are legally required to be reported to the local Finds Liaison Officer (if we are that lucky). Part of the goal of this experience is to leave each school with a great selection of finds from the school’s grounds as part of their own collection to assist future topic work. These can be used year after year, new classes can repeat the research process, year after year if need be. The experience is a full day and involves your students metal detecting after they have received full training. After lunch, they will then clean and finally research their artefacts. 

Please contact us for a more detailed package or if you have any questions whatsoever.

metal detecting school history experience

The package includes:

  • Provision of all equipment required
  • Health and safety training
  • Teaching pupils how to efficiently use a metal detector to locate historical artefacts
  • Teaching the pupils how to cleanly and safely remove artefacts from the ground
  • Teaching pupils how to do this whilst respecting the area causing minimal impact to the natural environment, paying particular detail to leaving the area as we found it

girls cleaning artefacts found using a metal detector in schools

  • Teaching pupils how to handle artefacts with care and clean them
  • Teaching pupils how to research finds on the internet
  • Teaching pupils about historical awareness i.e. the fact that you can run over the same spot every day but just inches below your feet is really interesting history
  • Introducing pupils to experiences that may help them with future career choices

Our price - £500


Our packages are based upon groups sizes of thirty students, (for larger groups sizes extra charges may apply, but on some experiences, it doesn't matter so please ask)

Free coach parking can be provided

Please feel free to email us to be put on our list of schools interested in free history experiences. We continually do our best to raise money and apply for grant funding to provide these experiences.