Roman Invasion (high impact experience, very popular with the kids)

 This two-hour educational package...

          ...can be delivered both out in the community or in school, however, experience has taught us that children get the very most out of this immersive experience when they’re outside of the classroom and what better place to teach kids about Caesar’s invasions than the beach where his forces landed.

 Our experience includes:

  • A full explanation of when and why Caesar and the Romans first came to Britain, both invasions attempts and the Roman occupation of Britain. We also cover the incredible legacy the Romans left and how they influenced our country



  • A show and tell, which allows your students to actually get their hands on history as they hold real Roman artefacts that have been discovered in this area by us

  • A battle reenactment, this is a massive hit with kids. The children get dressed up as Roman soldiers. They are taught to stand in formation, to switch formation, from single formation to 'Testudo' and told why that was required. They are then taught how to refresh front rank by rotating, they do this to the sound of a whistle. They then get to put this into practice in a battle simulation. The children are now at full throttle, in their minds, they are the Romans and war cry are emanating from the formation. 

    'The front rank is snarling and thrusting their Gladius into the enemy, the whistle blows and front rank disengages and goes to the rear quickly and efficiently, the second rank becomes the front and jumps forward into action. The warning call for incoming arrows is shouted, the formation switches from single formation to Testudo in unison, after a moment or two in Testudo the formation is commanded back to 'single' formation and the battle rages on'



  • Equipment and armour of a Legionary, which allows the children to learn about the weapons and armour the Romans used, and why this equipment gave them the advantage in battle.

 Our price - £200 (delivered on Deal Beach), £250  (delivered in your school)