The History Project's WW2 experience, with a local twist

This two-hour experience takes children on a journey back to one of the toughest times in modern history, as we look at World War II and how it affected the people and the area where we live. This experience is best delivered outside of the classroom and features some fun and engaging exercises that will leave your students appreciating just how lucky they are. Our team will collect your group wearing 1942 British Army uniforms. Initially, we will perform an introduction before teaching your students how to march along the seafront.

This experience covers many aspects of the war, such as:

  • What factors led to our country entering the war
  • The evacuation of Dunkirk, and how the people living on the Kent coast saved thousands of lives
  • The Battle of Britain – We use kids gliders of WWII to explain the difference in formations and the different aircraft's strengths and weaknesses
  • Operation Sealion, the German invasion of Great Britain
  • Hellfire corner – We explain the difference between shelling, aerial bombardment and doodlebugs. (Actually showing the children where they landed)
  • We also explain the crazy plans that were put in place in the event of an invasion, like how to set the sea on fire!

Our price - £200