On Friday I found myself dressed in a costume, pretending to be Roman Emperor, and teaching the next generation some valuable history.  The children were loving learning about the past, the sun was shining and everyone was having so much fun! In fairness me and Pete really were too, probably more than most.  The last year has been tough for us all, but the kids have really suffered.  Imagine how long it seems since you first heard about Covid 19 and we went into lockdown, now imagine how long those eighteen months would feel if you were only 5 or 6 years old.

Thankfully though the nightmare is over and the time to make up for the hardships they have been through and the sacrifices they have made for the older generation have arrived.  The History Project is now bouncing back, and then some, but we couldn't do this alone.  Every time I see children laughing and smiling at our experiences, I smile inside and am thankful for the amazing people whose generosity makes those children's smiles possible.  People like Deal Chamber of Trade's Chairman, Peter Davies who funded this entire experience out of his own pocket!

It doesn't cost the earth! It will not bankrupt you, in fact you probably wouldn't even notice the difference to your bank balance if you donated the cost of a cup of coffee per month to a great cause.  You may just notice a difference in a different way though, maybe a spring in your step, or a smile on your face that you're supporting your community, you're supporting educations, you're supporting the future. SMASH THIS ARROW TO DONATE ---->

At this school, Sholden Primary, in Kent we didn't just deliver our Roman Experience to a class, we delivered it to an entire school, and how much did we charge that school? Not a single penny.  We taught the children all about the arrival of Julius Caesar and the Romans to our shores both in 55 and 54 BC, but we also taught them all about the Claudian invasion before training them as soldiers to do battle themselves using techniques such as the testudo formation.  

Mahatma Gandhi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world", and I couldn't believe that principle more.  So if you think what we are doing is worthwhile, then all I ask is that you be the change and make a small donation today.

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e would like to thank Peter Varrall of Castles Removal Services, The Castles Removal logo in the shield was awesome (above in shield) and also Victor Aubourg of 'More Than Furniture Logistics and Removal Services' (Below) for the boxes they generously donated so that the children can make swords and shields. 

Finally, a big thanks to the businesses below for contributing, if you are a business and would like to support our antics like those fine and awesome businesses below, claim some hexagons for yourself!!!

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