The Smugglers Trail (History Projects most booked experience)

This hour-long experience...

...takes your students back to Kent’s shady past when gangs of ruthless criminals ruled the night ferrying contraband across the channel and avoiding the dreaded tax. The experience can only be delivered in the streets of Deal, where smuggling was such a problem it was threatening to bankrupt the country’s economy.

This experience includes:  

  • An introduction on Deal Beach to smuggling and why this area had such a problem. This covers some basic geography too, such as the Goodwin Sands

  • The children are then whisked off on a whistle-stop tour down into the heart of ‘old Deal’ where they’ll learn all about the wicked trade, offering an insight into our countries notorious past. Along the way they’ll meet ‘Shady Pete’ the scourge of the Kent coast, however, he’ll manage to escape those pesky kids!

The experience will culminate up on the beach where we finally stumble across Shady Pete on the beach, and apprehend him, in order for him to face the justice he deserves


Our price - £150