Bringing joy, happiness and a welcome distraction to those that need it the most

 THP, has been delivering epic educational history experiences to schools for some time now and we have decided that we would like to up our game. It occurred to us that children living with short-term, life-changing and terminal illnesses might enjoy a bit of what the history project has to offer, so THP director Pete Fishlock visited 2 children's wards in hospitals in Kent to discuss with their play specialists the possibility of fun educational history experiences happening in their hospitals. 

The result was a resounding 100% yes from both hospitals and the general consensus was that the children would absolutely love to have these experiences.

During the meetings, many aspects were discussed from cross-contamination of held artefacts and how the capabilities of the children on the ward can change depending upon their illness. They also discussed how THP could cater for children with Cancer who come in for their regular treatment and how these children could be kept safe taking into consideration they will have compromised immune systems.


 Most of the funding goes to the big London hospitals...

One of the challenges of this project is that many smaller children's wards in hospitals outside of London do not get the funding and visits from star's such Johnnie Depp, like the bigger London Hospitals get. This means for this campaign THP will be Crowd Funding 100% of the funds required to deliver in its entirety!!!!

 During the meeting, Pete asked questions about how the children's education and schooling would have been affected by missed school days due to treatments or time spent in the hospital, with the view of trying to find out how important the 'education' part of the visit is.

The answer Pete received moved him and gave pause for thought...

The play specialists in both hospitals gave a similar answer. They explained that as brave as the children are, they often feel down about their situation and could use a pick me up.  Especially the ones suffering from long-term or lifelong conditions. They also said that the parents also need some respite and absolutely need to see their poorly children smile and laugh and have fun.

They too are really going through it, seeing their children sick and unwell, not knowing what the future will bring and trying to come to terms with the long term effects the illnesses will have on their little V.I.P.'s. and not being able to do a thing about it.

They said the most important thing is FUN!!! get the little ones interested, laughing and smiling, take their minds off of their conditions, take their minds back to a magical time in history and allow their parents to see them smiling and happy.

"Smiling, laughing and fun is what we do best," Pete replied.



Obviously, COVID has affected our plans for a 2021 launch of 'Hospital History' but this is still very much a campaign we intend to deliver as soon as it is safe to do so. We need to raise money for this and would love you to get on-board!!!!!

You can either donate to our 'Hospital History' Campaign or download our Hospital History Sponsorship form and do awesome fundraising activities yourself.





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