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So here we are! My very first blog post! My opportunity to tell you all my epic superhero origin story, and let you guys get to know the real me.

I’ve always thought that I am much more than just half of our logo. Well It all began in a lab somewhere in Siberia at the height of the Cold War... on a more serious note, I was born back in 1982.  I am the youngest of six children and I’m proud to say I’m from a working-class family. My dads what people describe as “a bit of a character”, and if I’m honest the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. He is a musician, inventor, engineer, workaholic, and all-around creative genius. Over the course of my life, he has been a huge inspiration, he is one of those rare people who has no self-doubt and believes he can do pretty much anything, and to be fair, he can.When I was just a babe in arms he launched what could only be described as a crazy project when he purchased a derelict Baptist church and proceeded to move his wife and six kids in whilst he converted it! My dad worked nights on the P&O ferries to finance the project and would return home only to work for hours on the house before sleeping for a few hours and going back to work.

 At the time everybody warned him that it was way too big a project and he’d fail, but thankfully my dad didn’t share their doubts. Now as you can imagine as half of The History Project’s logo I do a fair amount of public speaking when it comes to historical topics

but the story of my parent's house is one I often keep to myself because, to be honest, it gets so weird that it’s barely believable and often when I tell it to people I don’t know, I can see the doubt in their eyes and get the impression I’m making it up. So here goes… whilst converting the Baptist chapel which would become my family home, my older brother discovered the entrance to a crypt nobody knew about. They had a genuine Howard Carter moment and discovered over thirty bodies under the property. So what do you do when you find so many bodies, apart from panic? You phone the police of course. So after lots of forensic testing, the good news is they determined the bodies were old and that my father wasn’t a serial killer! I know, a relief right.

So this was my childhood, a massive house, a poor family but a huge amount of love. Now reading this you might assume I’m a daddy’s boy, I mean I haven’t mentioned my mum yet. To be honest you’d be wrong. My mother is the glue that binds my entire family together. She is the reason my dad could be the workaholic he is, and whilst he was building crazy things she was there like a rock, always.
So that’s me, a little nipper with lots of brothers and sisters… enter the Fishlock Clan and my partner in all things History Project, Pete. If I’m completely honest with you I can’t remember the first time I met Pete, and in fact meeting, Pete pre-dates my very earliest memories by several years. Like my family, Pete’s didn’t have a pot to pee in either. We both were the youngest from big families, and we both were raised wearing hand-me-down clothes from our older siblings which were charity shop bought in the first place.

Looking back he has always been at my side, and I can only assume we got on really well from day one. As kids we were always out having fun, playing cops and robbers or exploring derelict buildings.
We went to the same schools and still remained good friends through our teenage years and beyond, and our families are very closely bound. Life though has a way of picking you up and taking you on a journey, so as you can imagine it did just that. It took us on a journey that was destined to throw us in completely different directions and then smashes us back together with completely different skill sets and a shared dream of doing something amazing, and that is how The History Project came into the world.

The journey I’d been on had taken me in many directions and to many far-flung countries. When I left school I trained and qualified as a mechanic, and then realised that people were more complicated and interesting than engines so instead of working in a garage, I went on to supervise a care home working with learning difficulties and challenging behavior. At the age of twenty, I pulled on my backpack for the very first time and spent a year traveling Australia and Thailand, and it’s fair to say it gave me the bug for traveling, a feeling deep in my gut that I couldn’t shake off for years, and one that took me all over the world, often on my own.

You see, whilst I was in Australia something happened that truly changed the course of life. I’ve always been a keen reader of novels, and as a teenager would go on a lad's holiday and my mates would take the mick because I could literally sit and read a novel cover to cover in a single day.
Out in Australia, I worked on the fields picking fruit, and like most travelers money was scarce. Bottom line I could no longer afford a good book so opted for the only solution, swap books and hostels with the incredibly limited choice available. Consequently, I ended up reading novels I’d never normally choose to read, and one day I found myself reading a bestseller that was so unbelievably poor. I remember telling my friends how terrible it was, and my girlfriend at the time challenged me to write one that was better. Within a few days, I had picked up a pen and had put it to paper. Before long I found myself obsessed as I spent the day picking grapes and daydreaming as I walked up and down random fields, what the next chapters of the novel would contain? What the character would be like? And what would happen next? Something happened and for the very first time in my life, I knew exactly what I was and what I wanted to be… I was a novelist.. but I needed to write some novels to really have the right to describe myself as one, so I set out on a mission.

Stay tuned for more blog posts!!!

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