Hi everyone (Pete here), well I am seriously proud and honoured to write the first-ever blog post for our new history-themed community centre, 'The History Hub'. Now let me honest, the plan was for George (being the actual writer), to write this first post, however, the lockdown happened and nine months later out popped another little Chittenden, which is really fantastic!!. As a result, though, George is cleaning nappies and finally finding out why I used to laugh so hard when he told me was tired. In any case, since I downloaded Grammarly, my writing quite arguably has fewer mistakes than his now and therefore I declare myself equally qualified for the task.

So The History Hub, what's it all about?

As you can imagine it's not easy trying to take over the world from your own bedroom, we needed office space and an area to call our own. Plus my misses don't appreciate having strangers around volunteering in my bedroom, and there is that one accusation that was made.... just kidding of course. We needed a place to house our fine organisation, a place where we can create a hive of historic activity and deliver a symphony of community-based projects that our local area really needs, and thanks to Southeastern, we now have it, and together we hope to build a better and stronger community.

It sits on the top floor of Deal Railway Station and can be accessed via platform 1 with a little door much like the one in Harry Potter, (if you know where to look for it, you can come in). We plan to open the hub in early July and the services we offer will expand and evolve from thereon.

Here is a digital graphic on the planned hub design

As you can see we have done well furnishing the Hub. This is mainly due to a grant from Kent County Cllr Sue Chandler who loves what we do and really sees the value in it and the rest was made up from a grant from DDC and our own fundraising efforts.

Cllr Sue Chandler really helped us furnish the Hub, Thank you, Sue!!!

There will be a range of souvenirs and merchandise that people can browse at the hub, this will be aimed at the visitors of the town as well as some short rotational items Deal's residents might like also. Refreshments will also be available from the hub to prepare people for the journeys they have ahead. 

There will be an area where only THP staff or volunteers are allowed by the kitchen area and hotdesk for 3 people in the back. There will be a mini-history library at the hub and an area around a big round table where people can socialise and get to know one another. This is the same area we will use for workshop and group activities.

We have a big museum-grade lockable cabinet which we will use to show great local collections and will be running a system where small Kent-based museums can provide an interesting collection on loan, to help them bring visitors to their own museums whilst providing us interesting artefacts to show our own visitors too.

There is a big 50-inch flat-screen on one wall which will be used for promoting goings-on in the area and also utilised for evening showings and early releases of our new videos and documentaries. The tables we use are high-quality collapsable tables that can be removed to offer other uses to space, see the image below.

The Hub in Workshop mode


The Hub in School mode


Things are not exactly the same as they are in the image but they are quite near. We are extremely excited about what the hub will offer organisation and how it will amplify the great work we do in the local community. We are counting the days until we can open and get things moving. 

Above all else, The Hub will offer a direct conduit between us and the local community and we have been looking forward to finally get out of working from home and take this organisation to the next level.

If you are reading this, thinking, I would really like to get involved, please click here to view our volunteer opportunities~  If you would love to help out but simply do not have the time you can donate to our great cause here.

Every little help and all that.

At the climax point, we hope to open The Hub 7 days a week but in the beginning, it will start off fewer days and build up and up as we go, all depends on the number of volunteers we may get.

There is so much more that will be going on here that I can not fit it all into one post!! To find out more I guess you're going to have to come and visit when we open and see what it's all about.

Before I go, a
 quick shout out to all The History Project sponsors and super sponsors (below) these awesome local enterprises help keep us doing our great work!!! We really do depend on those sponsors. If you would like to sponsor us personally or through your business and claim some hexagons for yourself, please e-mail me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I also would like to give another big display of thanks to Southeastern for making this all possible!!!

Until next time, I wish you all the very best, 

Walkabout Pete ;)