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Howdy Folks,

Due to a few unforeseen circumstances which have turned out to be the right result, The History Project will be officially opening our new community history centre aptly named, 'The History Hub' in 2 weeks time. Originally we planned a grand opening and even had an offer to give Paul O'Grady a call to open 'when the time was right.' (after George and I appeared on his show earlier in the year.)

Instead, despite lockdown restrictions being due to be lifted. We have decided to keep it a low-key event. We have always been better at doing good work, rather than telling everyone about it. (until we got the new website) We want people to come,  browse, and be in a safe and secure environment, windows open, well ventilated.

We are still figuring out typical opening hours. I have summer holidays coming which means my availability drops slightly because of child care needs. However, George has finally been able to make that leap from his current place of work to come and work for 'The History Project' FULL-TIME.

Come a little closer, let me whisper you something, anyone who has ever worked with George knows that he is a complete workhorse and this can only be of great benefit to the project, but don't ever tell him I said that, he will get a big....Oh look, there is George now working away.

Joking aside, we are super duper excited about it all and Southeastern have been great collabs to work with. There are many more exciting things on the horizon!!!  So let's move on and talk about some of that!!!!


Dastardly Deal - A theatrical romp through Middle Street!!!!

The History Project has teamed up with professional Theatre organisation ReShake Theatre, to deliver a 'Theatrical Play'. George always fancied re-igniting the idea of moving street theatre in Middle Street, as it once was yesteryear, and now we are almost there. The History Project's only real role is to use our resources to help produce and market the show. The rest we are going to leave in the capable hands of ReShake Theatre. Whilst George and I wear many caps in the name of our local history, actors we are not, and we want it to be a fantastic evening of entertainment that can be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

We love the idea of adding more and more spice to this town, giving people more reasons to visit and spend their money which has a benefit to many, so we will be doing our best to continue forward on this path. 

There is a host of different actors that will deliver the show, but on anyone night only 2 actors will play all the parts leading to some comical costume changes. This means you could watch the same show 3 times and see different actors each time, each actor giving the show a different feel. 

Under 6-year-olds will go free, and 6 years to 15 years will be able to attend at half the adult price.

This is the first collaboration of this type we have done, and it is nice just to be able to facilitate other people to do what they love and sit back and enjoy it from the peripheral.  Hey, before we move on to the next piece of news catch a load of Lizzie as Betty, the lady of the night.

Helping people suffering from social isolation and loneliness 'The Mercury Moot'

A while back, The Deal Museum was having an issue with all the stuff it had in storage and decided to have a bit of a clear-out of non-essential items or items that were not part of its new master plan.

Just quick, before I continue, you might notice the writing of Deal Museum (above) is blue, that's a quick link, you can actually click on that and it will take you to their website. It will open a new page so you won't lose this one. The Deal Museum has a new team, none of that lot that covered that old lady's window up. It is lead by Kathryn Reilly, who if I am being honest is a bit of a Titan, and she is getting things done. I am super excited to see all the transformations that have taken place over lockdown. So when it opens make sure you pop in.

Anyway, where was I, oh yeah The Museum was having a clear-out and they donated a whole hundred years' worth of the East Kent Mercury's to The History Project. We had no idea what we were going to do with it, but we knew something cool had to be done so we stashed it up in a secure place. 

The plan is 'The Mercury Moot'

We are going to be reaching out to people of all ages, who would like to meet new people and have been finding it a bit difficult stuck at home alone, and inviting them to come and take part in a weekly meet or moot.
The idea is to spend the time looking through old Mercury's reading out old stories, to marvel, laugh or cry at and discuss the difference between then and now. During each session, the favorite story's will be set aside to be sent to The Mercury, who will consider re-printing the old stories for the town to enjoy.

It is going to be awesome!!! we will be having a bit of a role call soon and putting it all into place so we can launch this as soon as we can after the restrictions lift.

Update about School Experiences

We have been really busy getting things sorted for an onslaught of end of year school experiences, We had our first two last week, an awesome Smuggling experience with St Faiths from Ash which yielded some pretty epic thank you cards. (we will write an independent post about it soon), but yeah check this out

Afterward, we delivered an epic history experience at Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheater, it was our 'Roman Invasion' experience, the kids love it, I love it, and here is a quick clip of them going into @Testudo' formation and then slaying their teachers.

The School was Christ Church and Holy Trinity School from London, they were really really epic, and had such good knowledge!!!! you can watch the longer version of the experience here.

Then, we did a full day of the 'Roman Invasion experience' to the whole of Sholden School, (video to come). George definitely didn't have pink nail polish on his toes gleaming through his sandals, because he didn't let his little girl paint them. I have never been particularly religious but I did thank god when I saw those pink toenails. The day was a huge success, the children loved it and by the end of the day, George had a sunburn almost as read as my tunic and it didn't cost the Sholden School a single penny!!

A busy week this week, I have a great metal detecting experience with Northbourne School. It's the year 6's, they were supposed to go on a nice residential trip but thanks to COVID it is a no-go. The fantastic Mr. Reynolds from Northbourne School asked me if we could do something and the experience was planned. This one is funded by the awesome Graham Styles landlord of the Kingshead.

Graham has been running that place for Donkey's years and it won't be long before George and I will have to write a tour about him and his escapades. Graham has always been extremely community-minded, he loves and see's the value in what we do so when I asked if he would like to sponsor an experience he was more than happy.

Thursday we have a 3 in 1 day. Three back-to-back Smuggling experiences one after the other (Deal Parochial C of E). The last scheduled experience we will be doing is next week, a WW2 experience for Kingsdown & Ringwould Primary.  (There is always the possibility we will get a call for a last-minute one). That's approximately 295 children having had experiences in the last 3 weeks. I believe that is what is commonly known as walking the walk.

Wait, wait, wait, I am not done yet

Did I tell you our history night at The Astor is back!!!! well, it is. For those of you that do not know it's like TEDtalks meets history. We have speakers talk live about the history they are passionate about on stage with the cinema screen down showing images and video.  It is a fantastic night!! we always get a good crowd and we are really happy for this night to be back. The speakers, the guests, the feel of the Astor, James, it's always a breath of fresh air and something that George and I feel is good for our soul to deliver.

Please get yourself booked in if you can nice and early, we have some fantastic talks for you this month. Click Here to Book

Ok that is about all now, so before I go, remember we are looking for volunteers, info here

If you would like to donate to our awesome cause, I promise to use that money on meaningful and worthwhile endeavors click here

and finally, see these logos below, these are our sponsors who we love and can not thank enough, check them out and use them guys they are great!!!