As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, running a non-profit is not easy, especially when you give away your services for free or at a reduced cost for the benefit of the community. George and I footed the bill in the first few years to successfully ensure our proof of concept was good, and to grow our effective following to a size where it is worth advertising with us. This means even if you do not care too much about what we do, it is still worth sponsoring us. In the end, someone has to pay, its really that simple. 

Grants are great, don't get me wrong, we appreciate them and put them to good use, but it is recommended that grants should make up only 5% of a non-profits overall income. In short, we shouldn't rely totally upon them because they are not guaranteed.

I decided to create a way local businesses can get behind us, support our community-based projects and advertise with us for as little as £10 per month and so far it's going quite well.

So on that note, I would like to give thanks and recognition to two new sponsors who have just joined our ranks.

Jenkinson Estates


Jenkinson Estates are our very first super sponsor!!! Jason is a fantastic guy who leads a very efficient team currently rated number 1 on the Best Estate Agents website. I can personally vouch for their work having just sold a property through them also, even though I was a complete newb, they took care of me, offered the lowest % and considerately guided me through a really stressful time in my life.  (thanks for that guys)

Jason is a serial supporter of local causes and we are thankful to him for putting his faith and trust in our work.

Next up is a small independent local business we all love and thats been part of Deal's High Street for some years, Swanstitch.


Swanstitch is owned and run by Anita Abercrombie, a lovely smiley lady who will take care of all your knitting needlework and, haberdashery needs!!!

I think this gives a fantastic example of how our sponsorship works, it doesn't matter if you run Deal's most successful Estate Agents or a Beautiful needlework and knitting shop, we have a package that can fit your needs and budget!!

The overall winners in all this are the children and other beneficiaries of the projects we deliver, if you want to get an idea have a look at this short video

 Pretty epic hey!!! I love it anyway, I think it's pretty radical, of course, you do not have to be a business to sponsor us!!! we gladly receive personal donations or monthly contributions you can do that by clicking on this link

Please donate to us today click here!!

But these are not the only 2, there are others that help us out too, please take a second and see how many local companies you know that help us do our thing. Next time you use them or visit them, give them a big high five and say well-done!!!!

that's all from me, I have an absolute shed load of artwork and video making to do for a new street theatre we have coming up in collaboration with Reshake Theatre. George doesn't like it if I'm not busy, you all might think he's lovely and kind but he is a slave driver, do not let him fool ya!!! he he he

See ya mates, bye for now